Legend: CM = Carrom Men, Opponent = Opposing Player on Table

Carrom Rules

  • Game will be played with 6 white and 6 black CM.
  • Toss will be decided on random during matchmaking.
  • Toss will decide which player goes first, toss winner will be visible in matchmaking screen.
  • Players can always see who is white and black on the main UI of gameplay screen
  • The shot trajectory cant go beyond players striker placement line

Conditions Outcome
Foul Striker to hole with no CMs Fine if available

Striker to hole with player CM Reset player CM and a Fine(If Available)

Striker to hole with opponent CM if not last(Queen not coverd) Give CM to opponent and fine for the player (if available)

Striker to hole with opponent CM if last(Queen not covered) Reset opponent CM and a Fine (If available)

Potted opponent CMs at the time of queen cover if not last CM Fine to the player and potted CMs will be given to oppo

Potted opponent CMs at the time of queen cover if last CM Fine to the player and potted CMs resets
Potting rules Player is allow to pot only his CMs Player will get CMs point

Player pots opponent CMs CMs will be given to opponent and Turn changes

Player pots his and Opponent CMs at the same time Both will get the CMs turn remains to the player

Player pots his own CM and Striker at same time If a player pockets the Striker with his own C/m by a proper stroke, the number of C/m so pocketed, with a Due C/m, shall be taken out for placing and the player shall continue his turn.
Lose Conditions

If player post his or opponents last CM

Player will lose the game
Win Condition How is the winner decided? Player who pots all of his CM including the Queen & Cover (if they are still on board) they are declared the winner.
If a player misses three consecutive turns, he/she automatically dropped out of the game and other player get declared as winner.
Queen Cover Queen Potting allowed Only post 1 CM has been potted of our own

Queen is potted but cover is not done Reset pot and Turn transfer

If queen is potted during strike Queen returned to centre

Queen potted before any CM is potted Queen returned to centre with message "You need to pot one of your own before potting the Queen"

Queen potted with own CM Queen is considered covered (even if player has not potted any of his CM)

Queen potted with opponent CM Queen is returned and player has to pay 1 CM penalty

Potted Striker during cover shot Queen is put back in centre with 1 CM penalty, player loses turn

Potted Striker and Cover during cover shot 1 CM will be placed back in centre, player will not lose turn and the next shot will be considered cover shot

Potted Cover and opponent CM in last shot Shot will be considered valid and player will win the game

Potted Queen and last opponent CM Player loses game
Misc Only post 1 CM has been potted of our own (Say player potted 1CM and then in the next turn he made foul now can queen be taken in the next turn)
No as technically player has 0 potted CMs, there needs to be 1 CM potted in his kitty.

Player potted queen and CMs on same shot and after the shot only 1 player CM is remaining Normal game rules apply.

Potted queen and other player CMs if more than 1 CMs of player is remaining Queen is returned, other player CM is considered potted. 1 CM has to be put back in centre as FOUL penalty of potting other player CM.
Foul CM Placement If the circle is occupied in centre

Place while orienting whatever is left on the circle.

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