Weekend date with yourself?

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Are you having one of those lazy weekends where you do not feel like doing anything but sitting idle seems like a waste of day to you? Worry not, we have suggestions which will not only get you through the weekend but also help you enjoy it. 

Binge on your favorite show

Have you ever had that moment when you wish to complete your favorite show but are constantly worried because you have to make it to work the next day? We have all been there! Your first step to enjoy your weekend is to stay in bed all day and complete all those episodes you left halfway.

There is nothing called too much Carrom over the weekend

It is summer vacation. All your friends are at your house. Your favorite cartoon show is playing on the TV and you are concentrating on the Carrom board because you want the queen! Nostalgic, isn’t it? Your work weeks may not give you as much time to relive these days but your rest-all-day weekends sure can. When someone asks you what you did all weekend, do not hesitate to say that you played Carrom because we all like to pamper the child in us. Play and pamper yourself all day.

Bring out the chef in you 

Cooking might be a hobby for some and therapy for others. But it sure is worthwhile when someone appreciates your efforts and enjoys the meal. Look up your favorite dish and let the chef in you come out! 

Online Shopping Spree 

Whoever told you that there is something called too much shopping definitely did not know the joy it brings to the heart and the soul. Either get off the bed, hit the streets and buy the apparels that you always wanted or download the app and get your favorites at the click of the button. Get going with this retail therapy. 

Enough ideas to enjoy your two-day vacation in bed? Who said you have to get out of the bed to have fun? 

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