This Goa Trip Won’t Get Canceled!

During this lockdown, a lot of us must be feeling tired of sitting at home, working, munching snacks and watching movies. However, with each passing day, the lockdown restrictions are getting relaxed. We’re presently in Lockdown 4.0 and the government has allowed the functioning of domestic flights. Wanderlust might have kicked in in most of us on hearing this news but considering the situation, we might as well stay indoors and travel from one room to another. 

We understand your cravings for walking down the airplane aisle and that’s why we have chosen to take you through various famous cities in India on our online Carrom board game app and help you explore each one of them. So pack your bags and hop onto this journey with us! 


Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay and popularly known as the City of Dreams, is the first destination game room we would like to introduce you to. It has the lowest entry fee and you can win cash. So if you are a newbie to the online Carrom board game, this seems like an ideal game room for you. 


Hyderabad is known as a city with a buffet of biryani. From the historic Charminar to the outlet of the largest furniture brand IKEA, the city has it all. It is believed that everyone who lives in Hyderabad falls in love with the city. So if you are a fan of biryani and are trying to level up your game, do play in this game room. 

New Delhi 

The capital city of our country and the mecca of foodies, Delhi is an absolute delight to live in. Every Delhiite out there loves street food, and during this lockdown, the cravings for gol gappas and momos must be real! The New Delhi game room is a midpoint pit stop. If you are moving from a beginner to a professional as a gamer, you can consider New Delhi as your intermediate game room. 


Chennai is the city where you can enjoy the most authentic south Indian food. This game room has the second-highest entry fee and the prize pool. So make sure you pull up your socks before you land here. 


The clear blue sea, water activities and all the late night parties are major attractions of Goa. A college trip with friends to this city is generally on every student’s bucket list but not all can make it here. So if you are thinking about playing in this highest-prize game room, make sure you put on your best game face because what happens in Goa, stays in Goa! 😉 

With these options, we’ve made it easy for you to take a quick trip around the country! So hop on, pull up your socks and hit each destination. Happy gaming!

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