The Story of Carrom: When Passion Goes a Long Way

The Carrom board game rules the hearts of millions of people and it is one of the most favorite games of both amateurs and professionals. Even before the advent of online carrom, the game of Carrom saw no occasion as people were glued to the Carrom board, be it 9 p.m. after returning from work or 11 a.m. on a lazy Sunday morning or any hour of the day during summer vacations. 

Much before smartphones and social media took over, a lot of socializing happened over a game of Carrom. That face of disappointment when you thought you had almost pocketed the Carrom man or the memories of sipping tea just after you pocketed one will always be alive in our hearts. Because, as it is said, love is the hidden accessory of the Carrom board game. 

As the game was passed down generations as a family heirloom, the Carrom board game witnessed many changes in the rules over the years. A lot of us remember playing the 29-point Carrom game but now it is played as a 25-point game. 

History of the Board Game

It is widely believed that this game originated in India or Sri Lanka, but tracing back to old times, a gentleman named Bangaru Babu, who settled in Chennai, dominated the propagation of the game at national and international level. He played a big role in establishing the International Carrom Federation (ICF) in 1988 as well as Commonwealth Championships. In that very year, Banagaru Babu’s efforts brought a rise in the popularity of the game in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra, with many youngsters, including college students and school-going kids, taking interest in it. 

With time, district and state level Carrom tournaments became common and a lot of hidden talents were then recognized nationally. The All India Carrom Federation (AICF) is the national sports federation of the Carrom game which sanctions about 7 national-level tournaments each year. It has also introduced national championships under the cadet (below 12 years of age) and youth (below 21 years of age) categories.  

And that is how the efforts of one man gave national and international recognition to the game we deeply love. 

As time passed, playing Carrom became more and more popular as a form of recreation as well as a profession. Now the Carrom Board game is also played online, and you can play the game on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. We have really come a long way! 

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