Popular Terms Used in Carrom

It has been a while since the popular Carrom board game got transformed into its online avatar but it still remains one of the most loved online games. But other than the common words that we as players usually use in the game, there are more official terms that you should know. Read on to find out what we are referring to! 


The red puck is called the Queen. Many people believe that once you have pocketed and covered the Queen, you win the game. However, that’s not true. You must pocket all your Carrom men and pocket and cover the Queen (if it hasn’t already been pocketed by your opponent) to win.  


An invalid shot is called a foul. On making a foul, you lose your turn. 


A push is a type of foul. It refers to the sudden jerk of the board caused intentionally or unintentionally. It applies to real-world Carrom only. 


We’re sure you must be aware of this term. A strike refers to hitting a puck with the striker. 


This term refers to the after-effect of committing a foul. If you have committed a  foul, you are to place one of your Carrom men in the centre of the board. 


A penalty occurs when a rule of the game is violated and you return one of your pocketed pucks. It is not to be confused with a foul. 

White Slam/Black Slam

If you pocket all the white/black Carrom men on your very first strike, it is called a white/black slam. 

Always stay updated and at the top of your game by playing the online Carrom board game. 

And, if you know of any special terms that you’d like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gaming!

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