The Story of Carrom: When Passion Goes a Long Way

The Carrom board game rules the hearts of millions of people and it is one of the most favorite games of both amateurs and professionals. Even before the advent of…

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carrom game online

Top features of Carrom Club

Carrom is one game, which we have grown-up playing with our family and friends. Summer vacations were incomplete without that board being taken out and playing a game (or 100)…

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Carrom Game Online

How to play Carrom on Carrom Club

Carrom is the only household game that probably every Indian has played while growing up. The best   played virtually everywhere around the world. We at Junglee Games have developed…

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A Maria Irudayam carrom

A Maria Irudayam- The Legend

A Maria Irudayam is arguably India’s greatest carrom champion. Born in the year 1956 in Chennai; he started playing professional carrom at the age of 16 and went on to…

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Check Your Carrom Caliber

We know what an important place the Carrom board game holds in our memories; it is attached to our hearts! So if you think you know everything about the Carrom…

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Carrom world records

5 Carrom Records Held by Indians That Will Leave You Awestruck

Carrom is a game loved by all and we all love playing it every now and then.  However, did you know that there are a few who have taken their…

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This Goa Trip Won’t Get Canceled!

During this lockdown, a lot of us must be feeling tired of sitting at home, working, munching snacks and watching movies. However, with each passing day, the lockdown restrictions are…

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Carrom Variants All Carrom Fans Should Know About

In addition to the Carrom game version you played with your friends and family, there are several other variants of the Carrom board game that are enjoyed by a lot…

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A Brief History of Carrom and Our Love for the game

The game of Carrom has a long history behind it and it has been a part of the Indian culture since the 18th century. The game was hugely popular with…

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Popular Terms Used in Carrom

It has been a while since the popular Carrom board game got transformed into its online avatar but it still remains one of the most loved online games. But other…

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