Have You Tried Our “Spin the Wheel” Yet?

When you’re playing on Carrom Club, new and innovative features are something that you should expect from time to time because we are committed to keeping you entertained and happy! So today is all about the latest Carrom Club feature: Spin the Wheel!

To keep you engaged, we have come up with various offers that not only entertain you but also help you win rewards! With features like “Refer a Friend,” you can invite your loved ones to the most happening game rooms and enjoy the perfect vibes.

We believe in keeping our gameplay as simple as we can, so “Spin the Wheel” is all about tapping the screen and waiting for what you have won!

Are you ready to learn how to spin this mystery wheel? Read on. 

How It Works 

As we said above, there is no rocket science involved in any feature of Carrom Club, just surprises, excitement, gifts and lots of nostalgia. To spin the wheel, all you have to do is update the Carrom Club app and let the fun begin! There are no extensions required like the other online Carrom board games demand! 

As soon as you update the app, open it and the wheel will appear on your screen. Once you see the wheel, tap on “Spin” and wait for your rewards. You are rewarded whatever amount the pointer lands on. So if you’re having a good day, you might win the maximum amount but on a not-so-good day, you might land up on the least amount. Your reward is added to your exclusive Carrom Club account and can be used to play the online Carrom game on Carrom Club. 

Waiting for what the pointer lands on to see what you have won is much more exciting on the app than it is to read here! So go ahead and update your app to find out what the magic wheel rewards you with, each day! 

Use your rewards to play Carrom and win more rewards! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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