Funtastic Ideas: Carrom Board Edition

If you search your storeroom, you will find a souvenir from your childhood, a carrom board. It is so common in Indian houses that it can almost be termed as a childhood essential. Small, big, large — the carrom board is available in all sizes. But apart from playing carrom the normal way, have you wondered about other things that you can do with the carrom board? Read on to find out! 

Stack up the Pucks 

Apart from just pocketing the pucks, stacking up the pucks according to their colors in the middle of the carrom board teaches one that no matter how many times you fall in life, there is always scope to get up and build yourself again and achieve your goals. 

Focus on the Pocket, Not the Pucks 

Give the old carrom game a little twist. Sit with your friend/child/sibling, and challenge them to pocket their pucks in only one of the four pockets. Add this as a new challenge to make your game more interesting! 

Show Your Creativity on the Carrom Board 

Make a pattern with all the carrom pucks and sprinkle a thick layer of powder over them. Then pick up your pucks one by one and see the pattern created on the board. You can play this game with little children and give them a platform to showcase their creativity and imagination. 

Carrom Board, the Teacher’s Friend

When you’re teaching little ones and they are just not willing to study their textbooks, a carrom board always comes to your rescue. Start by sprinkling powder all over the board. Then ask the children to pick up the pucks of one of the two colors (balck or white), and write the numbers or draw shapes. This is a little messy way of teaching, but it sure will not bore the children or shoo them away from their studies. 

If these ideas helped you or you have your own way of twisting the age-old carrom board game, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Happy gaming and learning! 🙂 

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