Evolution of Carrom from an Offline Board Game to an Online Game

While some people seem to enjoy the comfort of their homes, others like to be outside. Moreover, it is very difficult to kill time when you are mostly stuck at home. Thankfully, there are many ways to beat the lockdown boredom and one of them is playing Carrom board games.

History of the Carrom Board Game

Over the years, Carrom has enjoyed popularity with all age groups. It is believed to have originated in India back in the 18th century. Not only in India, but this game also finds its presence in many parts of the world like South East Asia and Europe. Many tournaments and competitions are held at national and international levels for Carrom enthusiasts. Due to its wide popularity, it is also available online nowadays.  

How to Play the Carrom Board Game

Carrom is a popular indoor game that is played on a square board called a Carrom board. The board has four pockets at every corner and it comes in different sizes. The objective of the Carrom board game is to hit the carrom men (pucks) into the pockets at the corners using a striker, which is usually made of hard plastic. Pucks come in three different colors – black, white and red. The team or player that successfully pockets their designated Carrom men and the Queen (if the latter has not already been pocketed by the opponent) first wins the game. 

The Carrom board game can be played in doubles and singles. Players have to arrange the Carrom men inside a circle in the centre of the board. The Queen is placed in the center and the rest are arranged alternately around the Queen. In order to make striker movement smooth, boric powder is sprinkled on the board. Furthermore, the board must be made of good quality material. It should have an even surface. If the board is warped, it will be difficult to play on it. But there are no such problems when you play online carrom.

Online Carrom Game

With the advent of technology, every game became available online including Carrom. It gained huge popularity in the virtual world as many people now prefer online Carrom games. It can be played at the tip of your fingers. The online version eliminates the need for a Carrom board and other accessories. All you need is a stable internet connection to enjoy the game with your friends and family. 

Online Carrom is similar to the offline board game. You have to slide the striker on your device using your fingers or the mouse. If you download a Carrom game on your mobile device, you can easily save on physical Carrom equipment. Sign up with your email address to start playing the game. Furthermore, many Carrom board apps hold tournaments and contests for everyone. If you don’t know Carrom board game rules, you can check them out online. Some Carrom apps also describe the rules.

One of the greatest advantages of playing Carrom board games is that it allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends. You can have a healthy competition as well as a conversation over a game of Carrom. At the same time, this game also helps improve your concentration, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking, and visual perception. 

So don’t think twice: download a Carrom board app and start challenging your friends and family today!

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