Carrom- The King of all Board Games

When you look at an Instagram throwback post to your childhood, it is always incomplete without a mention of board games in it. That is how relevant board games were for us as kids. They were our morning-to-noon weekend routine unless one of the kids got upset about losing game after game and walked away to their house. That was pretty much the end of the game. 

It was board games that brought together family, friends, cousins, neighbours and everyone you knew. The amount of time and energy one was ready to invest in these games was unbelievable. 

But you will remember that Carrom was the most loved of them all. There was something about the game that nobody refused to play and everyone fought for. 

Let’s take you through what Carrom did to you as a child and why you should be thankful to the inventors of Carrom today. 


This might sound very absurd now that you’re an adult but think of yourself as a five-year-old who just started going to school and learning to calculate on their fingers. For them, Carrom was the best learning tool. At the end of the game, did your parents not ask you to count everyone’s points and tell them who won? That’s how they made you do math!  

Improving Focus 

Ever been in a game where you had to aim for the carrom men from the other corner of the board and you would ask everyone to keep quiet so that you could focus well? That was your first lesson on learning to stay focused amidst other things going on around you. 

Problem-solving Skills 

Two carrom men on opposite sides of the board: one black and one white. Which one should you aim for? These simple situations on the Carrom board helped you develop your problem-solving skills and make quick decisions. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

A lot of sports like squash, tennis, badminton, etc. are known to improve your hand-eye coordination, but among indoor games, Carrom is considered to be the best for developing this skill because of the complex positions Carrom men often get placed in. 

So, here is why Carrom was not just a board game, but the best board game you played as a child. 

Don’t let your busy schedule kill your love for Carrom! You know, you can play Carrom online anytime, anywhere now.  

Keep playing!

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