5 Popular Games That Originated In Ancient India

Games have been played in India for various purposes like recreation, physical fitness, socializing, etc. since time immemorial. From local indoor games to outdoor games to internationally played games, each one has a story behind it. Here is a list of five games that are known to have originated in India.


The game of chess is known to have been devised in India. It originated with the name ‘Asthapada’ and was played much differently than it is today. It was played using a dice on a checkerboard. A few years later, it started to be known as ‘Chaturanga’ and the game was divided into four equal quarts called ‘angas’. The game had pieces called elephants, chariots, horses and soldiers. The game was played to devise war strategies. Many years later, it started to be known as Shatranj and eventually, it got named chess. 


Ludo is a very common board game that everyone has played at least once. In ancient times, Ludo was called ‘pachisi’ and the board was made out of cloth. It was quite popular in the Medieval Era. A few emperors of India also enjoyed playing Ludo and later, when the game started to become famous, the name ‘Ludo’ was patented. 

Snakes and Ladders 

In ancient India, Snakes & Ladders was called ‘Moksha Patam’, ‘Mokshapat’, and ‘Parama Padam’. This game was used to teach children good values. The snakes represented vices and the ladders represented virtues. With time, the game underwent a lot of changes and evolved into its current form. 


Dice were used for various purposes in the past and have known to be found in the excavations at Harappan sites. They slowly spread across the world and a board game called Dice came into existence. 


As believed, Carrom originated in the Indian subcontinent. Though there is a lack of proof, it is said that Indian Maharajas invented this game centuries ago. The game gained worldwide popularity after the First World War and is now played in many countries both for recreation as well as professionally. The Carrom Board game has become famous online too. So enjoy playing your favorite board game on Carrom Club and win many rewards and cash prizes. Happy gaming!

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