3 Carrom Shots You Must Try

If you are an ardent fan of Carrom and love playing the game, you must have developed your own style. As a matter of fact, everyone has their unique style of playing and no two players are ever the same.

However, there are certain shots that you should try, as these can give you an edge over others when playing a Carrom board game online.

Double Shot

The double shot is one of the most common trick shots; however, even though people are aware of this shot, it takes practice to master it.

The double shot is best played when one of the Carrom men or pucks is placed either in the center or close to the center of the board. If you play it right, the striker will hit the puck on the opposite side of the board and come back to your side of the pocket.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t try this shot when the puck is placed at a corner of the board because it’s not meant to work that way.

Center Cut

Again, this shot is best played when a puck is placed at the center of the board. For an effective shot, shoot the striker to hit the puck at an edge that is in the opposite direction of the pocket. This should send it dashing into the pocket.


This shot is best utilized when you need to cut a puck in a different direction and also hope to pocket one in either direction. It’s more like cutting the pucks on the Carrom board and making it easier to score in your next shot.

These 3 shots are easy to play and will more than likely help you pocket pucks efficiently. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are playing the game on a physical Carrom board or on a digital platform like Carrom Club; they will function just the same as Carrom Club uses real-world physics and everything works just the way they would in real life.

Go ahead, take that shot! 

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